Les Sept Fontaines

Cinq Mondes Care

We offer you a set of Cinq Mondes body rituals and facial care

Cinq Mondes Massages

Relaxing Traditional Oriental Massage  

50 min / 95 € 

Inspired by the oriental tradition, this massage is performed with slow and deep strokes to give you a state of pure well-being all over your body.


Invigorating Indian Ayurvedic Massage

50 min / 95 €

Enjoy the fragrances of vanilla and cardamom in this invigorating hot oil massage inspired by the age-old Indian tradition. The alternation of various energetic and warming rhythms release tension and relax the muscles.


Relaxing Balinese massage 

50 min / 95 € 

Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility with this ancestral Balinese massage with "Tropical Nut Melting Balm".


All our massages/care are also done in Duo  with supplement  of 20€

Cinq Mondes Body Rituals

Ritual of Orient® 

80 min / 135 € - 1h50 / 185 €

Relax in the hammam

Purifying Exfoliating with Beldi® Black Soap

Purifying and Detoxifying Body Wrap with "Crème de Rassoul®" Traditional Oriental Relaxing Massage 20 or 50 min.

Ayurvedic Ritual® 

80 min / 135 €

Energizing Aromatic Spice Scrub Invigorating Indian Ayurvedic Massage

Royal Siam Ritual® 

80 min / 135 €

Radiance Scrub  Purée de Papaye® " Balinese Relaxing Massage

Body Ritual

25 min / 50 € - 50 min / 95 €

Energizing Aromatic Spice Scrub or Papaya Puree Radiance Scrub followed by a Cinq Mondes massage of your choice.

Polynesian massage 

 50 min / 95 €

A massage inherited from the healers of Polynesia and inspired by Lomi-Lomi, using long and continuous pressure and movements of the practitioner's forearm.

The delicate notes of Tiare flowers accompany you throughout this experience of letting go.

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Cinq Mondes Face Treatments 

Lifting and plumping "K 0 Bi Do" facial massage treatment

25 MIN / 50 € - 50 MIN / 95 €  

Inspired by a Japanese ritual, it is a real manual lifting and anti-wrinkle treatment to find toned, smooth and plumped skin.

Radiance Facial Massage Treatment

25 MIN / 50 € - 50 MIN / 95 €

"Ritual with 5 Flowers" Cinq Mondes

 Enjoy the delicate scents of tropical flowers in this treatment inspired by Balinese beauty rituals and discover its benefits combining skin cleansing, well-being and beauty.


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